Sunday, March 7, 2010

one year long.

it's been more or less a year since my last post. it's been a pretty full year. a long, hard, ultimately rewarding year. i'm in a much better place than i was this time last year. as hard as it was for me, and for every centimetre, every hour of hard work, stress and effort i had to push myself through, i know my partner went through more. i know it's not over. every bright day casts it's shadows. but i know i can make it- i know i'm supported.

my original intentions for this blog have not wavered. but i no longer want to keep a document of the things that have happenned in the past 12 months. it's not that i'm over it, it's that i've gotten through it.

so here we are. posts have been deleted, updated. the history of this year has not been changed, rewritten, or deleted, but i need to move on. i need to stay healthy, i can.