Friday, May 14, 2010


this is a series of drawings i've been doing on and off for nearly two years. most of the drawings never make it past the rough sketch stage. sometimes that's because i think the combination of animals is going to look hilarious, until i start to draw it and realise it doesn't.

i tend to have a pretty prolonged drawing method. i'll sketch up what i want to do, if it's complex i'll draw all the individual elements seperately, then combine them, then draw and re-draw it until i'm happy enough with it to produce a final artwork. i'm sure that if my analogue brain would allow it i could complete this much faster on the computer.

these three are the final sketches completed before doing another final drawing for each. of course i didn't think to actually scan any of the final drawings before giving them to the friends/family they were intended for.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

when it pains... he draws.

i know you're laughing. seriously- how can you look at this bear and not smile. and if you know the band, and their original art, you can't not think this is hilarious. or maybe it's just me.

this is a preliminary sketch for an upcoming t-shirt for poison city records. maybe. have to show it to the boss first. but really- is he going to say no to this? would you?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cat cut-outs

upcoming t-shirt design for a rather awesome band. it's no accident that the cat looks like indy. it still surprises me that the cat has two fangs. dental symmetry is something that has never really interested me.

bad teapot

just about the funniest juxtaposition i could think of. or not, when you think about it.


this was a rough sketch created from couple of photobooth photos (the ones i keep in my wallet). not a great sketch, but it looks like her.

leaving town

this outline sketch became the poison city tour records tour poster for 2010.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

one year long.

it's been more or less a year since my last post. it's been a pretty full year. a long, hard, ultimately rewarding year. i'm in a much better place than i was this time last year. as hard as it was for me, and for every centimetre, every hour of hard work, stress and effort i had to push myself through, i know my partner went through more. i know it's not over. every bright day casts it's shadows. but i know i can make it- i know i'm supported.

my original intentions for this blog have not wavered. but i no longer want to keep a document of the things that have happenned in the past 12 months. it's not that i'm over it, it's that i've gotten through it.

so here we are. posts have been deleted, updated. the history of this year has not been changed, rewritten, or deleted, but i need to move on. i need to stay healthy, i can.